Does the Rental property function work? Is it integrated with the rest of Quicken?

I've been trying to use the Rental Property function in Quicken and:
1) there is a total lack of documentation
2) the information in the rental section does not appear to be integrated with any part of the rest of the quicken modules

Is this a totally useless Function in Quicken?

If anyone has any information on how to use this function, it would be appreciated. 

Thank you in advance. 


  • UKR
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    All I can say is that it is Rental Property Management 101, to be used for very simple rental management functions such as Receive Rent. It not suited for large apartment complexes, B&B or other short-term room rentals. And it doesn't do anything automagically, like record direct deposited rent to the correct tenant.
    To read more about this feature please go to
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