Quicken BLOCKING access to desktop app since latest patch for "expired users" ALERT

So my subscription expired a week ago. I have been thinking about renewing it. I am not happy that there is no discount for existing members, ever, or multi-year package. I have been using Quicken since 1998. Today I open the app, it updates a patch, and then tells me since my subscription expired prior to the patch I cannot use the product. I tried to re-open it, and get this same prompt, where clicking "OK" just closes the desktop application.

Are you serious? I am a Digital product manager for a Fortune 5 company. We think about our customer experience daily, and prioritize all our features on web and in app with customer/patient priority in mind. [Removed-Rant].

NO. This is the last straw with you guys. I'm not even going to talk to support or wait on the phone [Removed-Disruptive].


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