Using Transfers to Track Cash Flow

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I am frustrated by the changes made in the Transfer category which prohibits me from connecting an account to Transfer. I am trying to keep an accurate track of my cash flow which I previously did by setting up cash flow reports in which I selected those transfers that negatively affected cash flow (credit card and line of credit accounts) and suppressed transaction reports when money was moved internally from one cash account to another. Now, I cannot figure out how to enter a payment from my money market account to a credit card account; I do not get a balancing entry in the credit card account.

How do I make this work to get a double-entry transaction that allows me to track cash flow???


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    A correctly (to Quicken) defined credit card payment transaction represents itself as a transfer from your Checking account (or the MM account) with the Category showing the name of the credit card account register enclosed in [square brackets], e.g., [American Express 2009] as in my example below.
    In the Budget view, if you want to show these payment transfers, select Manage Budget Categories, select Transfers Out and checkmark the "TO [your credit card account]"
    Just remember, these transfers aren't "real cash flow". The cash flew out of your pocket when you made the credit card purchase. The card payment transfer is just a movement of money from one bucket to another.
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