Can't link QFX to credit card account. Only lists checking/savings

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I have been having issues signing in to Capital One account and downloading from there so I have been trying to use the QFX file. When I drag and drop or import I get a window to have it link to existing accounts. When I click the add button there is a drop down list of my accounts but none of them are my credit cards, just my savings or checking. Please help.


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    You can't import a QFX file into an account register which is already activated for downloading with One Step Update or "Update Now".
    If you must import a QFX file for a one-time action, let the import process create a new temporary account register. Import into this account, then block-select all imported transactions except the new register's Opening Balance transaction. Right-click one of the selected (highlighted) transactions and MOVE them all into the existing credit card account. When done, you can delete the new temporary account register.
    However, activating your account (or resetting it if it is already activated for downloading) from the Edit Account Details panel, Online Services tab should walk you through the required Authorization procedure.
    I just did this myself and the process worked flawlessly. The activation process walks you through a number of Quicken panels and also a number of webpages on your browser to log in to a special Capital One website before switching back to Quicken and completing the activation process. It's important that your browser does not block any of the websites along the way.
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