Credit Balance on Chase CC Shows as amount due In Bill Manager

Due to issues between Quicken and Chase, I ended up paying my Chase VISA CC bill twice. Both were for the full amount owed so that caused a credit balance on my card. Chase handled this fine and properly shows the credit balance. However, the Bill Manager is showing the next payment due as the credit amount (not indicated as a credit. It indicates I owe the money). I don't know if this would happen with any CC or is just due to the issues you are having with Chase. Regardless, your system is currently confused by credit amounts on a Chase VISA CC.

Here is background that led to me discovering the above problem: I knew you were having issues with Chase and saw an on-screen message from Quicken that I could not use Quick Pay for Chase (which I had been using) starting in July. I sent a Quick Pay transaction on June 28 thinking that was still OK and it appeared to work, and it posted to my register. However, it did not work. I then sent another payment with Check Pay but that took 10 days and Chase charged me a late fee. I called them, explained what had happened, and paid directly using ACH and they reversed the late fee. However, the Check Pay finally got there and so I had a double payment to Chase causing a credit.

I called this into phone support, and they never heard of the issue. 

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