Please Allow Users to Limit Searches to the Category Chosen

mlgiarra Member ✭✭
Quicken, please re-orient your search so that Mac users can limit the items returned to Mac only. Quicken Mac is woefully behind on many functionalities, so Windows users' help is usually irrelevant. The first thing I do when I look for help with a problem is click on the Quicken for Mac category. Unfortunately the search turns up answers primarily for Windows users, even if I click on the Mac category first.
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  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    You can search only within a category or categories on the forum, but it's a little trick. (I don't know why they made it this hard, don't shoot the messenger.)

    Click the magnifying glass and enter a search term, then click the Search button. After the initial results come up, the trick is to click the Discussions button (see screenshot). You can then enter "Mac" Category filter to see only Mac categories. You can enter multiple categories, or enter a top level one and click the Search Subcategories checkbox. Lastly, click the Filter button.

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  • mlgiarra
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    Not only is it tricky, it doesn't work. I chose Quicken Mac from "Categories" main menu. The magnifying glass is embedded in a handsome header featuring the title: "Quicken for Mac". I typed "sidebar". In the first 1-10 there are 3 Windows results. I chose "Discussions". Still 3 Windows results. I typed "Mac" in the Category pull-down of Filter Results on the right side. What I got was a default "All Things Canadian (Mac)", obviously the first in the drop-down. What followed were mind-boggling choice options. Who knows to which of those categories (sub-categories?) the term "sidebar" is most likely relevant? I certainly don't, and by then my frustration meter is bleeping red. Why force users to filter by clicking and clicking again? It's annoying that Quicken Mac users can't get results exclusive to Mac versions. If Quicken in their wisdom has made the Mac experience so substantially different, does it not logically follow to direct them to a dedicated set of discussions?
  • Cheems
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    I'm new to the community and just hit this. The default should be to search where you are and then search up from there if you choose to.

    GitHub's search is a great example of this.