Don't pay for Quicken Bill Manager

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I use this service, but it's included in my Quicken subscription. I wouldn't pay extra for this service.

Quick Pay often fails on scheduled date. That forces me to pay through biller's website at last minute.

Most of the downloaded PDF bills are out of date, or for the wrong credit card. Therefore, I must rely on paper bills or go to biller's website.

One of my bills can't be paid via Quick Pay nor Check Pay. Therefore, I must pay through biller's website.

My bank doesn't offer Bill Pay through Quicken, so I can't go that route either.

And today, the Bill Manager counter states I only have 3 Quick Pays left before 8/30, more than a month away.


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    This matches my experience. I upgraded from Quicken Deluxe subscription to Premier in hopes of getting an easier online bill experience.
    To be fair, bill "presentment" was no better on my credit union bill paying website. But if I scheduled a payment there, it went through on time every time.
    I am going back to that, and probably doing autopay using credit card for most of my routine billers.
    I might even try to downgrade back to Deluxe.
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