How can I install on new computer? (Q Mac)

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Got a new MacBook Pro 14 (M1 Pro chip), now trying to load Quicken. I have a grayed-out Quicken icon on my dock, and no copy of Quicken application that I or macOS can find. I think I saw my data files.

I downloaded a new installer, launched that ok, double-clicked the installer, it opens & asks if I really want to open it & I click YES - all good. That gets me a box that says "Quicken is already installed" and asks me to open that - uh oh. That gets me a box that says "The application Quicken could not be launched because it is corrupt." - really, really uh-oh. Keep in mind I've already searched the whole computer for anything named "Quicken" and found nothing.

So now what?


  • MWKingSD
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    DING!, turn lightbulb on, the penny dropped... Old Quicken had transformed into a hidden file in Applications. Once I found it, I was able to TRASH it, and install new version. I'll file this away for the future! Apologies for any confusion I created.
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