Hudson Valley Credit Union Express Web Connect Problems

Patrick T Williams
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I'm writing this post in hopes that it will help others who have had or are still having problems downloading transactions from Hudson Valley Credit Union via Express Web Connect. Quicken seems to lose its connection to Hudson Valley Credit Union every so often. You may or may not get an error code, but no transactions will download. Then if you deactivate and try to reactivate Quicken shows 'XXXX 0000' or 'XXXX 0200' in the setup window and if you have multiple accounts, you can't tell which ones to link to your existing accounts. So, I recommend logging into your Hudson Valley Credit Union accounts and editing the names to make it unique. Then when you go through the setup again in Quicken you will see the names in the Nickname column, and you will be able to link them to your existing accounts in Quicken. NOTE and VERY IMPORTANT, you must edit each Hudson Valley account and delete the financial institution and account number for each account you are reactivating before doing the reactivation. Otherwise, Quicken will not show the account to link to in the list. Instructions from Hudson Valley Credit Union are here. 
 Easily Integrate Quicken | Hudson Valley Credit Union (

[Removed-Speculation]. I spent literally days and days with Quicken support and HVCU to no avail. 

Anyway, hope this helps!


  • Patrick T Williams
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    Not speculation, I escalated this problem up through Quicken support to the highest levels and was promised a response and a fix. I received neither and even after re-escalating the issue and again promised a response and a fix, they finally admitted they had no idea how to fix the problem. Hiding the truth helps no one and wastes lots of time for Quicken customers. 
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