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I make extensive use of the Transactions by Category report, but I really would like them to show the total by Payee. For example, I have dozens of transactions for 'Groceries'. What I really want is to see how much I have spent at Ralphs, Whole Foods, etc., etc. Instead, I have to wade through dozens of individual transactions and add them together. Seems so simple and basic.


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    There is a report that will show that. In the Crosstab section of the reports there is a Category by Payee report - it's a grid similar to a spreadsheet with payees across the top and categories down the side; the total for each combination is listed in the appropriate "cell". If the whole thing is too big you can edit that report to select only the specific categories and/or payees you're interested in. That should get you the numbers you're looking for. For example:

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