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When Quicken announced that Quick pay would not work with Chase beginning in July, I decided to switch to Check Pay until Quicken came up with a solution to the issue with Chase.  My credit card payment is due on the 24th of the month so, to be safe, I scheduled the check to be processed and mailed by Quicken on the 12th of the month.  Everything looked normal as far as the processing and mailing of the check according to my register.  The problem is Chase hasn't received the check yet (the 25th) and as a result, I have incurred a late payment fee which has never happened before.  How long does it take for Quicken payments to reach a bill provider?  Do I have to schedule my payment 15 days in advance - 20 days to insure it is received by the due date?  I can't believe that this is a USPS issue but I am open for convincing.  Has anyone else experienced this kind of issue and is there a solution?


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    The answer is -- it took 15 days before the check was processed by Chase.  No further comment other than I can't wait until quick pay is available for Chase again.
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    Instead of using Check Pay, IMHO you're better off to pay credit cards from the credit card website's payment function. Using their Autopay, APS, Direct Debit, whatever they call it, make the credit card company schedule this month's (and optionally all future) payments as a withdrawal from your checking account on the due date. That guarantees (well, it should ...) payment on time and you won't get slapped with late fees and interest.
    In Quicken unlink the credit card bill and record the scheduled reminder as local (not Online) payment transaction, transfer from checking to credit card on due date.
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    I have the exact same problem as Richard. Everything looked within Quicken but check has not cleared nor recorded at Chase. Called Chase and the person I spoke with did verify the mailing address I used was correct but could not verify the check was received. She did say that mailed check processing was very backed up, Propably because of all the new Check Pay payments, She said paymeht would be backdated and the late charge reveersed. Will check again in early August
  • The other possibility for the delay is the change in first class mail service standards for bill pay paper checks.  This is an alert that my bank posted on their Bill Pay site.

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