Several years of lost data when shifting to downloading activity from Fidelity (Q Mac)

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Every month for decades I've been manually entering my Fidelity Investment activity. I got tired of it and shifted to having Quicken pull my activity down from Fidelity.

What happened is that all the historical information vanished and was replaced by an adjustment entry: "Live Opening Balance." It seems that Fidelity wouldn't send any data older than Oct 2021 and Quicken just wiped out my previous data.

I tried several backed up versions and the same thing happened.

I don't see a solution to this. I can't export the old data and then import it into my current file. I could add all the historical information manually, but that would be too time consuming.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Q Version 6.8.3


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    Are sure that the download process downloaded into the same account register that you previously used? Or did the download process create a brand new 2nd account register under a different name?
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    As mentioned above - when you opted to download from Fidelity - do you now have TWO Quicken Accounts ?
    Usually, you will see a small menu during the "connection" offering to create a "new" account or "link" to existing account...
    You wanted to LINK to an existing Quicken account.

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    Yes the problem is that Fidelity created their own accounts, and their history ended a year ago. My problem is that my historical data predates Quicken talking to the Internet, so I have the ancient data in ancient account names, which don't match the online accounting.

    When I tried to link the accounts I got:
    This is an older copy of a file that is using Quicken Cloud. You can’t use connected services with this file unless you reset Quicken Cloud using the data from this file, which will disable Quicken Cloud for other copies of this file. Do you want to reset Quicken Cloud using the data from this file?
    And chose "Decide Later" But apparently that wasn't an option because it kept coming back to that window. I didn't choose the other options: "Take File Offline" or "Reset Quicken Cloud."

    I'm not using Quicken Cloud. I'm just downloading the activity from Fidelity.

    I currently have my archive stuff in another Quicken file if I need it, but I would love to migrate them into one account to have my historical data in with my current data.

    Is there a way to do this? What am I missing?
    Thanks !
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    20202 said:  I'm not using Quicken Cloud. I'm just downloading the activity from Fidelity.
    Just to add - Quicken uses the term "cloud" to unfortunately refer to a couple of different "cloud" entities...
    One of them just keeps track of your Quicken ID Account info and elements related to it....
    even if you are not using the Mobile App, Quicken Web, or have enabled Quicken Cloud.
    Some of the One Step Update account entries need a cloud proxy to access and download your transactions.

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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