Bills not updating, can not remove a biller, can not re-add a biller

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On line bill pay is still causing me grief. Most recently I had two utility billers (FPL and TDS) that indicated they were updating, but in fact were not. There was no balance due, yet I was holding the paper bill in my hand showing there was.

I was unable to remove the billers and received a "payment is pending, wait until processed" message. There were in fact no payments pending (only new bills). I ran "review and repair" billers with no errors reported. I could not add the biller again; it knew they were already there.

A combination of steps made things right again. I unlinked from reminders; deleted the reminders; ran "review and repair" billers TWICE getting a message indicating the biller was not on the server". At that point the bill disappeared from Bills and I could re-add them. They showed correct current balance due and current bill pdf.

The key step that I do not think I had tried before when this issue occurred was unlinking the billers from associated reminders and deleting the reminders. I'll see if it works next time.
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