Security with zero balance still appears in holdings list

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I'm using Quicken Deluxe v.15 on a Windows Pro 7 box.
Three of my accounts, one brokerage and two IRA-types contained this security, which basically was a money market security. The 3 accounts were held by the same investment firm.
Back in March of 2019 the investment company changed the money market security to another money market security. This was handled by selling all holdings in that security and purchasing the newer security.
In the holdings widow of the brokerage account, the old money market security still appears, but with a zero balance. The holdings windows of both IRA accounts do not show the old money market security, as it should be.
Now for the really strange issue: From the holdings window in the brokerage account when I click on the old (zeroed) money market security, a transaction window appears for that security. So I see the sales of this security for all three accounts.
When I double click on the final sale for each of the IRA accounts the transaction window pops up. The "sell all shares in this account" box was not selected when I entered the transaction. But in the 2 IRA accounts if I click on that box, there is no change in the number of shares for that security.
Yet when I do the same for the brokerage account, clicking the "sell all shares" box changes the amount in the number of shares box to an outrageous value of nearly one-quarter of a million! There was never anywhere near that amount in that security even if I combined the amounts in the three accounts.
Apparently this is what is causing that security to still show in the holdings of the brokerage window, even though the balance shows zero in that window.
Any thoughts on how to resolve this issue?
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