Fremont Bank login/password issue ...again

Bogdan Szuta
Bogdan Szuta Member ✭✭
After the latest Quicken "upgrade" the Fremont bank connection failed with a "password locked up" bogus error message (I was able to log in with the same password to the bank's website.
1. So I decided to change the password both on the Website and then in the Quicken app. [Removed - Rant]
a. Website password change went smoothly and worked (I did log out and logged in with the new password with no problem. I thought may use a little bit longer password as Fremont Bank allows for the string to be between 8-32 long.
b. Well, the new and "improved" Quicken version puked 4 times on 4 different new passwords.
- Quicken does not allow for the password to be longer than 17 characters (they blame the Bank (!) [Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines].
- After reducing the number of characters to 16, Quicken [Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines] again. Now the special characters were not kosher. Again, the BANK was blamed for it!

[Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines]

Quicken version: R42.19
OS: Windows 11
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