another restore from backup issue

Another issue I am having when restoring from backup is that many recorded paychecks, have lost either:

1) account link data so that money being transferred to the 401 is no longer showing that link (instead just disappearing), or

2) are showing nothing in the split, but the funds are showing up in the linked accounts or

3) some of the numbers are at least partially correct, e.g. 401 k contribution shown, but no longer linked to the appropriate account, taxes properly shown, funds going into the primary checking account show, but there are a portion of the funds that are being transferred to another bank account, and these are not shown, nor are they showing going into the linked account. The entry acts like the numbers add up, but nothing zeroes.

It is incredibly frustrating as all of these entries were correct prior to restoring the backup file. Also, running validation on the file has been crashing the program or making all sorts of random numbers appear.

The first error i can correct by manually editing all of the transactions to properly transfer the funds to the 401. Tedious but doable.

Any ideas on how to correct the other issues?

Is there anything i can do to correct the other errors? When i open the logged paycheck each field is blank.
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