Downloads no longer match edited transactions

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If a manually entered transaction has an amount different from the downloaded transaction, then the download does not show "match". It used to be possible to correct the amount in the register and the download would immediately switch to "match". With the latest release, that is no longer possible. You must close and reopen Quicken in order for it to show "match". I am using Windows 11, Quicken Deluxe, R42.8, build


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    edited July 2022
    @sfshank - I think the most current release - R42.19 will fix this issue.  Go to - Help->Check for updates - to see if this update is available.  If still says you have the latest version, but it's NOT R42.19, click on this link to download a "Mondo Patch".  The latest version should be R42.19.

  • S Krishna
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    I am using Quicken Deluxe Version R42.21 Build (Windows 10 Enterprise) and I continue to have the problem : Downloaded transactions do not match manually entered transactions. This used to work very well for years and now all of a sudden the matching has stopped working. I depend on this since I create many manual entries for transactions in advance, with memos and such, and when the transaction ultimately posts on the bank account from where I am downloading all I care for is the match to take place. I have been using Quicken for over 25 years. My QDF file is almost 250 MB at this point ! Please help !!!!!
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