Partnership Distribution currency error getting triggered

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I'm getting a currency error when I try to enter a security for a partnership distribution. "Please select a security whose currency matches the currency of the account". The distribution account and the security currencies seem to match. I am speculating but I am using multicurrency support so that might have something to do with the error.


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    You get the above error if the security is in some currency other than the account.
    What currency did you create the offline Brokerage account for your Partnership with?
    It's impossible to see that by looking at the Edit Account Details views, but you can see it by looking at the currency sign used in account balances. Of course, you must not have two currencies using the same currency sign (e.g., US$ and Can$ both using $)
    What currency did you set after you defined the partnership security? The Add Security dialog doesn't let you set a security when you first define it. You need to edit it after adding it, to change the currency to something other than the default

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