Mortgage Account Hosed

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My mortgage payments have ALWAYS been entered manually. I actually copy the prior payment and then adjust the date and amounts (principal, interest and escrow) and all has been good for many years. I have just noticed the following and at a total loss as to what happened or how to fix this mess.

Payment data going back to May 2017 - Oct 2017 no longer have the payment breakout, only full payment tied to the escrow category. Refinanced in November of 2017. All payments since then with new lender now have full payments tied to principal only.

My mortgage balance is only off by a couple thousand dollars so I know payments were not recorded like this when the were originally entered and were allocated to the three accounts (principal, interest and escrow) correctly.

Any ideas what happened here? PS using Quicken since 1995 and I've never seen anything like this.



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