Update Issue with Wells Fargo Investment Accounts

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  • drfleming
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    For six months, I have been trying to get Quicken to download transactions from my two Wells Fargo Investment accounts. I usually give up and enter the transactions manually, but this is far too time-consuming! When I try to update the accounts, Quicken tells me I either have an incorrect login id or password. That's not possible as I have no trouble signing in directly online to these accounts. I need a simple answer to fix this!
  • @drfleming - have you tried contacting Wells Fargo Online services directly?  Their online services phone number is available 24/7.
  • drfleming
    drfleming Member ✭✭
    Right now, I tried a suggestion that was posted in you comments box, and it totally messed up all my accounts. I would like to be able to revert to a previous save of my account, but can't seem to find out how. Then, I can go back to this problem.
  • @drfleming - the only suggestion I have given you is to contact Wells Fargo.
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