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I know this is being address, but for those of us who have been wrestling with this issue for days (I have THREE times, 3 hours worth of work) re-tagged transactions in my Money Market account because, although twice the support person told me to reinstall a backup, when I did it, the software promptly I find that the tags do not show in my backup file either! So there is something corrupted in the software that is erasing all my tags EVEN IN MY BACKUP FILE!! I cannot tell you how frustrating this is. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, update ANYTHING in Quicken until they get this fixed!! Don't update Quicken, DO NOT use One Step Update (the last time it erased everything was when I used one step update, EVEN THOUGHT THE SUPPORT PERSON HAD SHOWED ME HOW TO NOT SYNC AUTOMATICALLY IN THE SOFTWARE. So apparently One Step Update syncs and erases everything. I am not a programmer. I was trained as an accountant, and I can tell you it's disastrous when the audit trail is destroyed by rogue software. I am not a programmer, so all this what's syncing and backing up to this or that needs to be clearer to us users so we don't get all frustrated like I am in losing precious data. I seriously am very much considering going back to spreadsheets or paper and pencil that won't destroy my data in one fell swoop! Unfortunately, yours is the one game in town for those who don't want to use web-based software. Sounds like a business opportunity for someone.


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    Sorry for all the typos. I definitely should have reviewed it before I posted.
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