Rental Categories does not show up

Darshan Member ✭✭
I have recently purchased Quicken HBR. I don't see any rental related categories (Rental Income or Rental Expense) in the Categories list. Is that normal -- do I have create them manually? I thought with HBR version, they should be created by default.


  • @Dashan - you can easily add them by going into your category list (Ctrl+Shift+C) and clicking on "Options" at the bottom left of the window.  If you then click on "Manage Categories" you will see available categories in the dropdown list (Standard, Business, Investments, Rentals & Royalties).  Select a category and choose the categories you wish to add to Quicken by moving them over to the right window and hitting "OK". 

  • Darshan
    Darshan Member ✭✭
    @Damian Thank you very much! Totally missed that. Apprciate your help.
  • You are welcome.  Quicken has a lot of options and settings, and different ways of accomplishing a task.  The challenge sometimes is finding the right one.
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