Cannot get Quicken to match my Vanguard Account Balances

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In April I added money to my Vanguard MMF. I purchased shares in another Vanguard Mutual fund. It has been impossible for me to get the correct cash and MMF share balance since then! I tried to use BoughtX, Bought and splitting transactions and other variations for hours but cannot get things to balance!


  • @Lee64 - How much are you off?  I have seen this happen when a money market fund has daily accruals, which are reflected on the financial institution's website but not in Quicken where the interest is only posted once a month.
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    By balance I assume you mean getting quicken shares equal to what vanguard reports?  If your vanguard account is the new brokerage type account with a settlement fund, it could be that delays from going through the settlement fund are the problem.  If so you need to review the settlement fund transactions on vanguards web page to see how these delays work, and then book quicken the same way.  For example, if you are purchasing the cash reserves fund from outside vanguard via check etc. it may be that it first runs through the Fed mm settlement funds (been a while since I did that so am not entirely sure it works that way, but probably does).  You will need a quicken security for the settlement fund as well as any other mm fund, e.g. cash reserves, tax exempt.
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    Bob, yes the Quicken shares do not equal what are in the Vanguard account. I know of the lag with cash balances and MMF redemptions, but after this transaction in April I cannot get both the cash balance and MMF share count correct. Quicken processed these transactions in April differently from other transactions. I cannot reset the account because Quicken states I have not accepted all downloaded transactions, but there are none of those. I cannot download transactions from Vanguard because Quicken states the downloaded file does not match any account in my Quicken file. I get an error code OL-362-A. Thank you.
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    I finally got things to balance to my Vanguard account. Thank you. :)
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