Can't connect to 5 of my banks (Q Mac)

gusdriver Member ✭✭
All of a sudden, about 6 weeks ago, I can't connect to Navy Federal, USAA, Chase, Vanguard Ascensus Retirement, and Caliber Home Loans. I try to reconnect these account and enter the same user name and password I use on the websites but Quicken tells me I have entered my credentials incorrectly. I have created a new "file" and that didn't work.
I have changed my password online and then entered the new password in Quicken and that didn't work. I have reset my cloud, didn't work. Quicken support told me to cut and paste my credentials, but that doesn't work either. Three of my accounts still work: a credit card at USAA that is Direct Connect (Quicken doesn't see my other accounts at USAA using Direct Connect or any other method), a car loan at Capital One, and an IRA at Schwab.
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