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ZZZ-Paypal, EWC and Firefox blank page

Patrick Larkin
Patrick Larkin Member ✭✭
So I've been chasing the ZZZ-PayPal old thing for a few weeks, and as discovered in other threads I was not the only person getting a blank page in FireFox after trying to reauthorize or reset my paypal account for online transactions.

I have PayPal and others setup in FireFox containers to always open in a container called Banking. Digging around in container settings I disabled that (so PayPal does not always open into the Banking Container). I tried clicking the signin page in Quicken and it opened Firefox and signed me in. I'm finally able to download paypal transactions again.

Unfortunately, my guess is that I'm not going to be able to continue using FireFox containers for Paypal, (nor perhaps Chase since I got a notice they are moving to EWC too).

Anybody have a solution to allow me to keep using the Banking container in Firefox while not interrupting Quicken? I guess probably not, since that's the purpose of firefox containers.
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