Quicken Desktop and Q app account balances not matching

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I want to start using Quicken App on iPhone but I am finding discrepancies in the balances.

I suspect the attached message from Quicken could be part of the problem but I do not totally understand this message and Q support was not any help.

I do have a few annuity account with regular monthly payouts to our checking account.

I have transfer reminders in Quicken for these transfers but the annuity accounts do not support quicken downloads.

Could this be the reason for the balance discrepancy? If so, how should I setup their reminders in Q?

Many thanks!


  • williamspl
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    Is anyone else having issues with the Quicken Desktop and Quicken App balance differences when using transfer reminders?

    Have any work arounds been found?

    I asked Quicken this question and they did not have an answer.

    It is sad that the Quicken product has this serious issue for a long time and not even a workaround that they can share.

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