Citibank download issues, and poor user interface irritations

Phil Burton
Phil Burton Member, Windows Beta Beta
Is there any way that all of us who are Quicken users can somehow pressure Citibank into solving the issues around 1-click updates.

Also for manual downloads the user interface is very poorly designed.  Why can't I just select a default method to get the security code, e.g. text message?  the download format?  the phone to which the security code will be sent via text?

When I want to do a cash transfer between accounts, I always have to reset the entries. 

I went so far as to write a letter to Citibank's CEO, and I got a reply that was like, "Whatever.  Don't hold your breath."

Any ideas?

Been using Quicken (and TurboTax) since DOS days in 1990s. Now using Quicken subscription on Windows.

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