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Looking for the setting for auto backup that will happen at some time setting. All other programs have it and have been searching for where it is. I lost a whole weekend worth of work because it did not back up and then the system crashed. Must be here somewhere as it is a basic function found in almost any software.


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    @TexasGirl - I don't think there is the ability to set up timed automatic backups in Quicken for Windows.  The only automatic backup you can set up is based on how many times you access and close your data file.  You can set this to make an automatic back each time you access and close Quicken.  Otherwise, you can make a manual backup any time you want by doing a "Ctrl+B".  I do a manual backup frequently while using Quicken, especially when I am making a lot of updates or troubleshooting issues.
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    @damian thank you for the response. I wished they would add this function to the software.
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    TexasGirl said: @damian thank you for the response. I wished they would add this function to the software.
    Why - if you setup the Quicken Preferences to backup upon every so many uses....
    you should have multiple backup copies... and any kind of "timed" backup would just create the same duplicates.
    What you want is for your "system" to create these copies...
    Not sure what other software has their own internal backup feature - vs a Scheduled backup function of Windows.

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    I can’t speak for Quicken, but I’ll offer a thought that might parallel theirs. 

    The program as designed writes to your open file each time you enter, change, or otherwise alter the data. Most commonly, when I do get a crash, I do not lose any data because the file is fully up to date, even though it closed abnormally. But there are less frequent times I have lost data, just like you have. I don’t know the causal difference. 

    Because the program is continuously updating the file, they may believe the auto-save you suggest is unnecessary. 
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