Changing password on an account

I've struggled for days to change the password on my Quicken account. I found the procedure is incorrect on the Quicken website. I initially followed the procedure here, Then I tried logging into the desktop app. I was automatically logged in using my old email. There was no way to change my email. Many of the online functions didn't work, including everything under preferences, which is where I needed to go to change my email/userid. I called customer support. They said I had to fill out a form to change the email. I didn't want to do that because I was required to send them a photo of my license or passport. I tried one more time on my own.
The correct procedure is to 1) Log out of your desktop app, 2) change your email on Quicken's website, 3) go back to the desktop app and log in with the new email. It worked like a charm. Quicken please update your procedure!!!
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