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NELNET Student Loans

Papa T
Papa T Member
Does anyone else have NELNET student loans and what is the ideal way to track them in Quicken for Windows?
They sometimes group them together and sometimes they keep them separate so no easy way to get an update and track interest and payments. Thanks in advance


  • Papa T
    Papa T Member
    Here is a little more detail:
    There are 6 Total loans which they call groups
    One group has 2 loans and the other 4 groups just have one
    They track each group separately yet I only make One Payment
    That is what causes the problem in Quicken When you try and schedule each loan it creates a separate instance in the Bills section, yet When you connect to the Loan Servicer you only get one update or a total payment due. Not for each individual loan.
    Has anyone figured out a better solution to this problem I'm all ears!!

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