Can't delete reoccuring bill payment...

I bank with Truist which had some problems with online transactions after their merger was completed in the spring. It appears that, somehow, one of my reoccuring online payments got canceled on their side but not on mine. I would like to set this up again, but can't get ride of the old payment under Tools->Bill and Income Reminders->Repeating Online. Any attempt to send the cancellation is rejected by the bank as already cancelled and I can't otherwise get rid of it. I have successfully, I think, entered a new Reoccuring payment under a slightly different name, but it is confusing with the old one there and still looking like it's functional, although it seems not to do anything.

Any other way to get rid of the entry?


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    Matchbox, if you haven't done so already, initiate a Validate and Super Validate on your data file.
           Menu (File>Validate and Repair File) Checkmark the Validate file Box.
          (Super Validate) = Hold down <SHIFT and CTRL>.Key(s) while selecting the "Validate and Repair File" Menu Entry.

    I am assuming that you are running the latest Version of Windows Quicken.
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