Can I use Quicken on the Web while travelling if my qdata file is open at home

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My qdata file is on home desktop and when I am away from home I would like to use Quicken on the Web to view and add transactions to my accounts. Can this be done safely if I have left the quicken open at home?


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    Just to clarify the process.... and I would NOT leave Quicken running on a computer if I was not using it....
    1 - install Quicken on desktop
    2 - if you then want to use the Quicken Mobile App or Quicken on the Web - you need to enable Quicken Cloud.
    3 - select which Quicken Accounts you would like to access in the Quicken Cloud
    4 - perform a Quicken SYNC - which creates the data in the Quicken Cloud and sets up the connectivity
    5 - you can then use the Mobile App or Web interface to view, update, and add to your selected Quicken Accounts
    6 - your desktop is not needed, until you get back home and SYNC to download any changes made via Quicken Cloud
    7 - all views of your real world accounts via Cloud are displayed in real time - the Cloud accesses your real accounts

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