Chase Bank CC-501 error during One Step Update (via Express Web Connect+)

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Warning - Long post - Mild Ranting - Mostly PG-13

For the last two or three days, I get a CC-501 error and I am unable to download any transactions from Chase Bank for five accounts.

Those five accounts have all been converted from Direct Connect to Express Web Connect+ previously due to issues with updating wherein transactions would download, but Quicken would choke on bill payments via checking within Quicken (online bill pay with payees in Quicken synced with Chase.) I now am going directly to Chase website to pay bills instead of having the convenience of doing so within Quicken.

So 5 Chase accounts using EWC+ now get CC-501 error. However, I also have two other Chase accounts in Quicken that are still using Direct Connect for online connection with Chase, and those two accounts download transactions just fine (same One Step Update session but using the previous ID/password saved in Quicken), while the five EWC+ accounts get the CC-501 error.

I have checked Quicken Community and do not see this specific issue being discussed. I am using Windows 10 PC with Quicken Deluxe subscription product that updated to the most recent version R42.21 (HF2) as of 8/4/2022. I did file a report via Quicken and attached logs.

Any assistance in resolving the CC-501 / Chase issue is welcomed.

I am familiar with some of the reasons for the above and believe that changes that Chase is making (not Quicken) are requiring the conversion of Chase accounts from direct connect to Express Web Connect+, thus losing the ability and convenience of using online bill pay through Chase directly. I have never used the other Bill Pay methods that Quicken will gladly sell/charge for, and do not intend to do so.

While this discussion is solely intended to address the issue of the CC-501 error resulting in the inability to download transactions for Chase Bank during updates, I wanted to address my experience in dealing with the bill pay changes for Chase accounts that have been converted to Express Web Connect+.

I had about 32 Online payees previously setup within Quicken that synced with Chase Bank fairly seamlessly when (a checking account in Quicken, in my case) was used and the Online Services Connection Method was Direct Connect. I also had at least the same number of Bill Reminder scheduled transactions set up using the online payment option. This worked fine until those Chase accounts were converted to EWC+ connection method. I suppose this was an obvious consequence of this change on Chase bank's part. However, I did not anticipate nor did I find any help from Quicken to address setup issues I now faced.

Following the conversion to EWC+, none of my scheduled Bill Reminders to pay bills via checking would work if using Quicken's online bill pay directly through Chase. Quicken would respond with an error dialog that I would have to "activate online payment" options for my Chase Checking Account within Quicken. That was humorous, as the ability to do just that was removed during the conversion to EWC+.

I had to figure out that one way to remedy this, and what I am sharing here in an attempt to assist others who may have more hair on their heads than I do now, is the following:

Go into "Edit" for each Bill Reminder that was using your Chase Checking (or other cash account) via online payment. Within the "Pay to" field, there should be text within brackets (possibly like this example " {xxxx} ".) Edit the "Pay To" field to remove those brackets and included text. I believe that specific bracketed information is a link to the corresponding "online payees" information that would have been set up initially and is embedded by Quicken when creating the bill reminder for online payment in the first place. It worked for me. Got me out of the perpetual loop of errors I was in regarding online payments through Chase from within Quicken after conversion to EWC+.

It would have been simpler if Quicken had an "Optional Setting" within the "Edit Bill Reminder" dialog to disable/enable online payments (hint hint), or maybe someone else can enlighten me.

Anyway, I now have all of my Bill Reminders for payments through Chase Checking still in place, but I now simply go to Chase's website and choose the menu (hamburger) at the top left, choose "Pay and Transfer" and then "Payment Activity", then the "Pay" Tab to see all of the payees (previously set up via Quicken.) Pay your chosen biller/payee and complete the transaction. I also copy and paste the Transaction# that Chase generates into the memo field of my corresponding Quicken Reminder when entering it into the registry. If this sounds like more work for you, while paying for a subscription product like Quicken, I agree.

I will leave for another day the recent issue of getting red "downloaded tranaction" flags on the Accounts list that show no downloaded transactions upon opening of the flagged account. Seems to happen when a "pending tranaction" appears on a financial institutions website.

Thanks for listening.


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    As of 8/5/2022, the CC-501 error for Chase accounts has apparently been resolved. Thanks Quicken, it is your fault, "It's not my fault." My other comments stand regarding connection method issues.
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