Unable to Move Transactions [between investment account registers]

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    Years ago I created a "401k" account to track a deferred compensation account. Recently I stopped deferring income into it. I tried to create a new brokerage account and mark it Tax Deferred, then I used the Move Transaction tool to move all transaction from the old account to the new account. The only transaction that made it is the "Beginning Balance" from 9 years ago, all other transactions vanished! I am using the latest Windows version. Move Transaction DOES NOT WORK!
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    Hi @ssllii

    Sorry to hear about the problem you are seeing.  It is difficult to understand how a "Move Transactions" action would cause all the transactions except the first to completely disappear.

    Hopefully you have a backup file from before you made the "Move" transaction.  If so, I suggest that you revert to that backup, which hopefully will put you back in a position where you can first update other accounts for transactions that may be missing due to the date of the backup file.  After that, I would you make a new backup and then try the "Move Transactions" entry again.

    Let me know how that goes, or if you have any other questions.


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