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Does Quicken have some problem with their software working well? EVERY time I get an update, SOMETHING breaks.

Today, I run One-Step Update, get all the data in, and when I select my checking account to review and accept the transactions, Quicken [Removed - Disruptive] in some kind of weird loop that even Windows cannot stop unless I kill it with Task Manager. I was going to finish going through the transactions that I just downloaded, but Quicken decides it's some sort of emergency that I update the program. The menu bar disappears, the text in the title bar disappears, and I get an interminable loop that won't let me do anything with the data. I also had transactions from some other accounts that don't use direct connect, which I was able to update, but the direct connect stuff just locks up the program. I only recently got my account with Synchrony Bank working after an update killed that. This is getting to be too much. I really don't like paying for software that stays broken in some way CONSTANTLY. I grow weary of constantly repairing my data because the program generating it is also the program that is corrupting it. It ALWAYS seems to get stuck in a status that I cannot get out of, normally with downloaded transactions that have not yet been accepted, which precludes any file backup or corrections until those transactions are accepted, yet opening the accounts to accept them is exactly what causes the program to crash.

[Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines/Rant]

I would tell what the error was if I could actually get one. But as I said, it just goes into an interminable loop that takes all control away from the program as soon as I display a direct access account with downloaded transactions. The credit card accounts all work OK, and the investment accounts all work OK. Just the direct access banking. [Removed - Rant]
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