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I had been using Quicken but last year got so tired of fighting the bugs, I gave up.
'course they had no problem automatically renewing it, so I'm going to give it another shot.

->What's the best way to "start fresh"? <-
If I create a new file, I have to re-enter all of my account information. Can I export/import that? I was using the auto-updates to get my transactions so had that all set up.
If I create a copy (which I tried) and then deleted all the transactions, I don't have an opening balance per se.

Thank you in advance


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    your old Quicken QDF data file can be opened and read by any recent version of Quicken...
    so, no need to "start over" -

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  • Dandelion
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    I WANT to start over. I want to start fresh
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    Hi @Dandelion

    I am not sure that this is exactly what you want to do, but I do think it is the closest thing to what you want to do.  This LINK has instructions on archiving your Quicken datafile, which might workout to be what you are trying to do - i.e. a "fresh start".

    Take a look and get beck to us with any followup questions.


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    Dandelion said: I WANT to start over. I want to start fresh
    Well - if that's what you want...
    Quicken is like MS Word - and all your data is in a data file - MS Word uses DOC files - and Quicken uses QDF files.
    So, just create a brand new empty Quicken QDF file -
    and you still have your other QDF file intact to play with if you want.
    Quicken menu --> File --> New Quicken File  (1st entry)

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