invalid credentials

I was using quicken on my laptop for a couple of hours. I needed to check my mobile app to see if an account was being sync'd. When I opened the app it asked me to sign-in. Which I did. But then the quicken app on the laptop requested a login. When I tried to log in I got the invalid credentials. I tried changing the password to no avail. I logged into my quicken account from filefox and changed my password. At which time I was finally able to re log into my quicken app on the laptop.
After some more searching. I found a thread that said when sign-in into the mobile app you should scan in not sign in. So I followed the directions for scan in and was able to get the mobile app working. I get the impression that you can't sign in to the windows app and then also sign into the mobile app. It looks like it signs you out of the windows app. Not sure if this is true. But why do they say to scan in rather than sign-in. I've been using the mobile app and windows app for several years with no problems even though I signed in to both apps. This invalid credentials has only been occurring the last few months.


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