Reconcile stopped prompting to pay bill with last update

Recent updated to R42.21

For the past, I dunno maybe 15 years, any time i reconcile a credit-card account, Quicken would pop-up a window asking me if I want to make a payment to the account.

This was a huge time-saver, and arguably one of the main reason I use quicken. (it makes paying a CC bill SO quick.)

After latest version, this window doesnt pop-up at all after reconciles. :'(


  • JeremyGNJ
    JeremyGNJ Member ✭✭
    edited August 2022
    Oh also, when I manually go into "Write Checks", selecting an online Payee no longer remembers the right [Category] for the payment to post to. SO ANNOYING.

    Before this update after I reconciled an account, it was like 2 clicks to pay a bill (cause the amount was pre-populated) Now its like 8 clicks, manually entering the payment amount, and scrolling through 2 drop-down menus to manually pick the right settings.
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