Reconciled transaction amounts changed after last software update.

JConrad Member
I have six deposit transactions in a checking account with CCCU account log that have previously been reconciled correctly (I balance quicken every couple weeks) that now have changed from $100 line item deposits to $200 line item deposits. The first incorrect transaction is dated 5/31. 4 months in a row the amount was changed to $200, then back to the correct $100 for 9/30/21, incorrect amount occurred again for the 10/31 transaction, was correct two months and then another incorrect amount for the 1/31/2022 transaction. I reconcile the balance for this account with the vendor bank downloads regularly and they have been correct each time. The last correct balance was about July 20, 2022 at which time the bank balance matched the quicken balance and these transactions were correct. I shut down the computer while I was away for two weeks and the first time I opened the Quicken program the software updated and these 6 errors were found because my quicken balance was 600 greater than the bank balance for this account. This is extremely disconcerting that something like this could happen.


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