"Credit Card Usage" and "Credit Card Limits" are combining all credits - posting incorrect data

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This is related to the thread "Credit Score Mortgage Issue [Edited]"; which has been closed due to an Equifax issue. This is incorrect.

The label in the "About Your Credit Score" \ "Credit Card Usage" and "Credit Card Limits" are combining all credits of a person and not just related to "cards". I see the details in Credit Karma and WellsFargo are reporting differently/correctly. They use multiple sources to account what they publish related to the FICOSCORE. If Quicken is publishing a piece of data, Quicken cannot blame the source as others adopt the API of the source and are able to publish the data correctly. If you close this, I will open up another inquiry as I hope others that understand the problem, understand publishing data, and understand the use of APIs, also open up inquiries for the same.

You mentioned above... This issue has been confirmed internally as a bug and it has been reported to our Development and Product teams for further investigation and resolution. Therefore, this Idea post has been changed into a discussion thread instead.

Solution... change the label and do no publish the usage scale because it is worthless. I should not be told that "You may be spending too much on your credit cards" because my mortgage is factored in the equation. I am not paying my mortgage as a "credit card"
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