Quicken deactivated my Bank of America billpay accounts

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I do not use Quicken's bill pay features. Rather I prefer to log into Bank of America's bill pay and pay from there. On August 2, Quicken, according to BOA, deactivated all my payees except the 3 which had scheduled payments. Now I am faced with re-entering every payee. I am unhappy with Quicken's Bill Pay feature anyway because it duplicates payments I have set up in my BOA billpay, adding a new electronic transaction onto my account, and will not let me delete the duplicate.
Quicken has never before deactivated or renamed any of my BOA payees. In fact, Quicken deactivated payees that were on the BOA list that I use for my business, and these payees do not exist nor are they downloaded into my Quicken, which is strictly for personal use. How did Quicken function in this manner? How can I prevent Quicken from doing the same thing again?


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    I'll take a stab at this, if you'll allow a couple of assumptions.
    Assumption: You're using QWin 2017 as your profile says.
    Assumption: Your connection between Quicken and B of A has been via Direct Connect.
    Fact: QWin 2017 no longer supports any form of connection to financial institutions. That ability has expired. If you need it, you must update to the Subscription version of Quicken.
    Fact: With Direct Connect, payees are replicated bi-directionally between Quicken and B of A. If you create a payee on one side, it appears on the other side. If you delete a payee on one side, it is deleted on the other side. This is usually what you want and it has been working seamlessly like this for years.
    Hypothesis: Now that Quicken 2017's online functionality has expired, it may have decided, at this late date, to remove online payees. If so, those payees would be deleted at B of A as well, as QWin's final online action before fully stopping communications with the bank. The payees with pending payments could not be deleted.
    I have no inside information that this is what actually happened, but I think it's plausible. You should be able to re-create the payees on the B of A site and not have them appear again in Quicken.

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