Is anyone else noticing that when you close Quicken it does not auto sync anymore.

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I have checked my setting and it is set to auto sync when closing Quicken but it never does so I have to manually sync to ensure my app is updated with all the latest transactions.


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    More details, please.
    What version, edition level (Starter, Deluxe, etc.) and release (R xx.xx) of Quicken are you using?
    US, Canadian or other country version?
    Is your subscription expired or still active?
    Click Help / About Quicken (Mac: Quicken / About Quicken) to get this information.
    What version of Windows are you using?
    Quicken may not start the backup process upon close and/or Sync to Mobile if you close Quicken by any command other than clicking the (used to be red) "X". Using the other commands, Quicken may just simply wait for you to open a new file to resume.

  • Running Windows 10 21H2 version and Windows 11. Have R42.21 build for Quicken Deluxe Edition US. Subscription is active until Nov 28, 2022. When I exit and then check my mobile app the updates never show unless I go back in and do a manual sync. User to ask me when I would exit if I wanted to sync or not. Now it does not.
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