how to switch Costco's credit card from Capital One to CIBC?

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How to switch Costco's credit card from Capital One to CIBC


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    I had that happen with a credit card, the vendor switched the bank that was servicing their card. What I did was create a new account and then added in that online information for the "new" card. I just now though of something that I could have attempted. You can disconnect your account from the old financial institution and then connect up to the new financial institution, that way everything will stay in the same account within quicken. I would not do this before all transactions from the old bank are done showing up.

    WARNING: I've never attempted this myself, so your mileage may vary. Have a good backup before attempting.
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    I made it very simple, as MC CIBC kept the same card number as MC Capital One, I only put a note on the date of the change ( in early March ) in the MEMO of the Credit card Register (ex: CIBC start date ); Change the name of my Account in Quicken to Costco Credit Card
    and then disconnect my Account in Quicken which was Capital One, downloaded the QFX file from CIBC ( No Quicken Connect with CIBC ) and link it to my Credit card account in Quicken

    Worked perfectly and it was easy, did not have to create another account so all my Credit card data is still in the same account as it relates to Costco
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    Thanks. For some weird reason I was unable to change the name of my a/c. Everything else works well, however, it's still named Capital One instead of Costco Credit card.
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    You should be able to change the Account (register) name any time in Edit Account Details.
    However, while the account is activated for downloading, the four fields next to it, Financial institution, Account number, etc. cannot be changed.
    Tell us what happens when you try to change the name.
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