Quicken Mac and bond sales

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Suppose you buy a Treasury bill at auction from the Treasury.

Bonds are priced in $100s. So, a $10,000 purchase of T-Bills is shown in a downloaded transaction as 100 "shares" (Quicken Mac doesn't seem to really understand bonds). Because the broker records it this way, Quicken downloads it this way.

However, when the bond is sold, Quicken records the $10,000 as a sale of 10,000 "shares" at $1. It doesn't seem to be able to match the sale with the purchase. And it's not the broker's fault -- the transaction clearly matches the same security in the buy transaction.

This results in cash in the brokerage account being OK but the portfolio value is off by a factor of 100 for whatever bonds were sold. (I only wish those errors were true!).

Does anyone know of a way to make Quicken Mac work better with bonds?


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    I am glad someone else recognizes this. I have been after Quicken to correct this since 2000 or before but to no avail. Interestingly [Removed - 3rd-Party Software] does this also (I used it for about 6 months) and Quicken Windows (on Parallels) has the same errors. Quicken Mac does this now.
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