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Hello. I recently tried to "upgrade" to the new Chase Download service. Quicken prompted me and I went through all the steps successfully, but my Chase accounts then error when I try to update them. There is no specific error number, just a "there was a problem connecting to your account" message. I then completely disable account downloads for all 3 of my chase accounts and tried to re-activate from scratch, but the outcome was the same. Any ideas what I might try next? Thanks!


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    Hi @poulf,

    Were you prompted to "upgrade" to the new download method, or did the message just say that a new connection method was coming?  If it was the first and after taking the steps you now cannot connect, then I would suggest that you contact Quicken Support via this link

    Let me know if you have any followups and/or how it went with Quicken Support.


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  • poulf
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    Looks like there was an answer already at this link. I followed the advice/guidance here and it fixed my problem. I did have the repeat the "reset" process 2 or 3 times per account before it finally took. Thanks!
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