Calendar function is putting full paycheck amount tho I split it into 2 different banking accounts

QknAG Member
On the calendar function I have the accounts set to just my checking account.

I have a scheduled deposit for my salary. Let's say $2000 after taxes, deductions, etc. I put $1500 in the checking account and the remaining $500 is deposited into a different account that is not included on the calendar accounts. This is done via direct deposit - 1500 to checking, 500 to other. So it's not as if I put it all into checking then transfer the 500 bucks to another account.

On the calendar the deposit is always $2000. It should be $1500. The reoccurring deposit is even set up to put 1500 in checking & 500 in the other. Again, the calendar has only the checking - would make sense if both accounts were selected.

As you can imagine, this messes up my spending as I always think I have 500 more than I do. It makes the calendar function worthless.

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