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Chase Migration - De-activate, Re-activate

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This discussion was created from comments split from: Chase upgrade- trouble connecting.


  • Chench53
    Chench53 Member ✭✭
    Thanks @poulf and @Frankx - I tried the other link Poulf gave but that doesn't help me problem which is this:
    I got the email saying a new connection method was coming, but also a message which seemed to indicate it was here. Anyway, I deactivated and tried to reactivate but each time I do that, my PC freezes up (I use quicken on windows desktop) and I have to use task manager to end it, and restart.

    So, I'll reach out to Quicken Support at and will report back. Thank you.
  • Chench53
    Chench53 Member ✭✭
    Well, chatted with help who was very helpful!
    After deactivating, before reactivating I needed to open account details, and on general tab leave empty/delete existing FI/Financial Institution and account number. Then I was able to connect to the new system, and it all worked.

    Also, the old was EWC - Express Web Connect
    The new is EWC+ or Express Web Connect +. So, look for that plus sign.
  • Cryogenius
    Cryogenius Member
    Thanks for posting this Chench53. It worked for me too, and I didn't find this answer anywhere else.
  • Anders Martinson
    Anders Martinson Member ✭✭✭
    What a nightmare. Hard to believe Quicken would make this so hard. After dealing with freeze ups and failures I was finally able to get this to work with the deactivate/reactivate method above, but with the following important step.

    Once my account was deactivated and I removed Chase as the bank assigned to the account, I needed to use the "Set Up Download" button in the account register and not the "Download transactions" form where you type in the bank name. Doing the latter put me right back in the locked up gray screen. If I used the Set Up Download button, I still had to go through the laborious process of reactivating the account, but at least it worked. 

    Sorry Quicken but you get a big F for this process.
  • Anders Martinson
    Anders Martinson Member ✭✭✭
    One detail I can add to my experience that may or may not matter is that in addition to my Chase checking account that was using EWC I also had two Chase credit cards, each with its own ID (because they had different primary owners), and these IDs were different from the ID I was using for the checking account (even though the checking account was accessible on the Chase web site with both of the credit card IDs), I needed to use a distinct ID to use EWC with the checking account since only the credit cards were direct connect in the original setup.
  • leland
    leland Member ✭✭
    WORKAROUND I believe I may have found a workaround but before you try it, please backup your data.
    1. create a new account of the type you have at chase, but keep it as an offline account.
    2 deactivate online for the chase account you are upgrading.
    3. Manually set up online service for the new account you created which will take you to the the new chase login page.
    4. Once done on the chase page, you will return to Quicken where you can choose which account to link to.
    This has worked for three different credit card accounts I have with Chase, though there was a glitch in one of them. The initial chase download created a new opening balance for the account which threw everything off when I tried to do a reconciliation. After much searching I found the false opening balance entry and now it works fine.
    If this fails, restore from your backup until someone comes up with something new.
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