Error in the Spending by Category pie chart

Don C
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At the top of the Quicken for Mac window, when I click on "Home", it takes me to a window where I have the option to select Learning Center, or Overview. After clicking on Overview, a "Spending by Category" pie chart is shown. I select the Year to Date option from the drop down menu to the right of the pie chart.

The total dollars spent shown for all spending under the drop down menu is incorrect. It is in fact about 1/2 of what it should show.

If I hover the cursor over a slice of the pie chart, a small temporary window pops up showing the name of the category, the total spent in the category, and how many transactions and splits have been made in this category.

If I then click on the same slice of the pie chart, a window pops up showing a pie chart for that specific category showing what subcategories contribute to the total for the category. The total spending does not match the total spending that was shown when I just hover over the category from the pie chart that I referenced in the preceding paragraph. However, the total displayed in this window is the correct total.

Why wouldn't the totals match? Screen shots follow


  • UKR
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    Just a shot in the dark because I'm not a Q Mac user, but ... are you sure that the Overview graph selects accounts exactly the same as the All Transactions / Spending view? Or might it be necessary to customize the Overview graph?
  • Don C
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    Thanks for your response UKR. The Overview graph is not (to my knowledge) customizable. And, if I click on each slice of the pie to open up a window to show the detail of that pie slice, the total shown is correct in the window. For some reason, Quicken isn't using that total for what I'll call the Overview graph.
  • Don C
    Don C Member ✭✭
    I called Quicken support, and it appears that there is indeed a bug. My issue has been escalated to the development team to look into. One way for me to be able to see a quick snapshot of year to date spending is to click on the "All Transactions" at the top of the account list sidebar. When I do so, the correct totals show up, and the pie chart displayed is correct as well. The pie chart and totals shown under the Home/Overview Spending by Category should be a carbon copy of the All Transactions pie chart and totals, but some reason is not.
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