Quicken keeps changing reminder date for my loans

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I have 3 property loans or mortgages.  They are set up in Quicken as Manual Loans.  I have a reminder set for the payment of these loans (with the P&I and Escrow).  I also pay extra principal an additional 2 times a month and have a separate reminder for 2x a month for entering this payment.

The main payment is set for the 1st of the month (per the bank requirements).  Since I am paid salary twice a month on the 7th & 22nd of each month, I have those dates set up for 2 reminders to capture extra principal payments. 

So in total I have 2 reminders set up for each loan - The Main Payment that was orignally set up on the 1st of the month and a 2nd reminder for 2x month for add'l principal.  See below:
The above reminder was orignally set for the 1st of the month.  Just today I was checking my Bills reminders and noticed that it is now set for the 22nd.

This above reminder was the one set for twice a month to enter the extra principal payment.

So the problem is that the main payment set up for the 1st will have the date changed to either the 7th or the 22nd.   Just curious if anyone else has seen reminders that seem to be changed arbitrarily?  I have not noticed any pattern.  Just every few months I have to change the main payment back to the 1st.  The extra principal payments don't seem to have their dates changed.

I had originally posted this issue and after a few suggestions, but no resolution it was basically closed by the Quicken team without any explanation.  Note that this is not something that I can replicate easily.

But with proper coding, you would not think that a reminder would have any setting changed?

Note that I have Windows Quicken HBRP subscription, so it is current version and I am running Windows 11.


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    I don't know why your reminder dates are being changed.
    For as long as I had a mortgage to pay off, I kept it simple:
    One monthly payment, including a certain amount of additional principal.
    The mortgage company automatically deducted payment on the 1st of every month.
    Worked like a charm. No hiccups in Quicken.
    Perhaps you should try the same.
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    Link to prior discussion for reference though not much to see there. 

    Seems really odd and unless you can better identify when this happens, I doubt the programmers will be able to track anything down.  

    Honestly, my initial thought is to make sure the Payees are unique.  I would have them something like 
    'The Mortgage Company {Loan A regular}" and 'The Mortgage Company {Loan A extra}" and similar.  The {} notation is suppose to allow the Payee to be accurate but still unique.  But I see in your snips, you have the Payee for the extra payment starting as "Extra Pmt ..." so you seem to have covered that base.

    Sorry I can't offer anything beyond that.     
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    q_lurker said:
    Link to prior discussion for reference though not much to see there. 

    That link was actually included in my original posting -- and I was the original poster for that link.  It was closed by the moderators here without any real feedback or suggestions.  Apparently they will close posts or questions even without any feedback.  They have to keep those metrics up, you know!

    Well thanks for the feedback -- but as you noticed, I have 2 unique names for my reminders so you would think that would not be the issue and there would not be any cross-contamination between the 2 reminders -- but apparently there is as the Main Payment reminder date change coincides with one of the twice monthly dates of the 7th or 22nd.  But the extra payment reminder does not have either of it's dates changed to the 1st.  so a bit of a mystery,

    At first I was a bit more alarmed as it was confusing and I was worried there was some other event that was going on, but as I expect it now and there does not seem to be any other issue with these accounts other than the  program changing the due date on my main payment so my confidence factor has increased.
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    When Entering the reminder in the account register, do you ever see a pop up asking if this is the next scheduled payment for X? If so, do you answer yes or no?

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