Vanguard Mutual Fund Account transition to Brokerage Account

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This has been covered in several threads that I've read. My attempt to navigate these waters was a little different than the advice I read the previous threads. I would appreciate any insight people can offer.

(Background: Vanguard has been in the process of transitioning Mutual Fund-only accounts to a new account type "Brokerage Accounts" for a few years now. After delaying the change as long as I could, I finally converted my MF acct within Vanguard to the new brokerage account. Now I have to get Vanguard to play nice with Quicken.)

Unlike most users (who download their transactions through Quicken), I download my transactions from Vanguard's website in a .QFX and import the data from there. The previous threads that I read on this conversion, all seem to assume the OPs download from within Quicken.

A day or two after completing the conversion on Vanguard's website, I downloaded my transactions. When running the QFX file, I received a pop-up window/message asking if I want to create a new account in quicken or link this data to an existing account. I elected to link it to my existing Vanguard account (in Quicken) and after a couple of flashes on the screen, I was brought right back to the pop-up asking if I want to create a new account or use an existing account. It seemed like nothing happened. (I opted to use my existing Quicken/Vanguard account to preserve historical info (transactions and cost basis).

After looking a little closer, I discovered a few dividend reinvested transactions are waiting for me to accept in my existing Quicken/Vanguard acct along with a series of Shares Added xactions. Additionally, my account # in Account Details has updated/changed to the account # for the new brokerage account. (I spot-checked a few of the Shares Added xactions, and they match my positions in vanguard.)

It seems that if I simply delete the Shares Added transactions, I'll be up and running!

Maybe I'm just overthinking this (probably), but I question if it could really be this easy or AM I MISSING SOMETHING?

Can our resident gurus, soothsayers and oracles please take a look at this and offer the benefit of their wisdom? Is there anything else I should check?


  • LeaningTower
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    Anyone? Any advice? Suggestions on additional things to check and/or look for?

    Or is this transition from Vanguard Mutual Fund acct to Vanguard Brokerage acct in Quicken really this painless?

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    You will be okay from here on out after deleting the Add Shares. You should have deactivated the existing account first, before downloading the new account QFX and linking to the existing account. That's why you got the unusual action; Quicken didn't want to link to an account with a different account number that was already activated for downloading. In the end, it figured out what you were trying to do.

    Yes, it is that painless. I can't think of a specific example, but you may notice some transactions look a little different than you are used to. Every so often, it seems I have to manually adjust a transaction.
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    Thanks markus
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